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We believe that knowledge of Quran is one of the greatest tools to promote peace and development through its values. By implementing these values through our projects, we are working towards a better future. Our mission is to ensure respect and integrity of others at all times, hence please only order for yourself.

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The Quran is the final revelation, revealed to Prophet Muhammad, the last Messenger, in order to return people to the true monotheistic religion of all previous Prophets and Messengers. The Quran is still preserved in its original, Arabic language and is free from error, addition or subtraction. The fundamental message from our Creator in the Quran is the same as that revealed in the previous scriptures; to worship not but God alone, not to associate partners in worship with God, and to enjoin good and forbid evil.


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Discover Islam Canada provides individuals and targeted distribution of Qurans across Canadian provinces and territories.

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Yes! We don’t charge a cent for the Quran’s, and shipping and handling is free of charge! Anything you pay for will go to the next person purchase. You aren’t charged for your copy but someone else has paid for yours!